Re: Citizens on edge, as kidnappers seize nation’s jugular by Eno-Abasi Sunday et al.

Why are Nigerians on edge because of kidnappers that we fashioned and created by our stupidity, selfishness and ignorance?

Fellow Nigerians, how are you now feigning ignorance about the growth and development of kidnappers in Nigeria?

Have you forgotten that all the glamorous rich bigwigs in the country that our youth grew up to know and on whom they modelled their lives were the prodigal sons in military uniform that terrorised their way into political power since 1966?

Have we all forgotten how these low-lives among us bastardised the budding values of hard-work, education, scholarships, spiritual consciousness in our societies?

Have we forgotten how they corrupted our educated elites, the light of their generation, with political positions in government and monetary inducements?

Now, Nigeria is reaping the bitter fruits of the evil labour of the political oppressors and it is, of course, too hard to swallow.

Again, we need to ask, How can Nigeria have this type of epidemic phenomenon of kidnapping in a predominantly religious society as ours?

In a country where every house is either a mosque or a church; where everyone wears his/her religion on the sleeve for adornment and testimony of holiness. Yet, kidnappers are running around the country with impunity.

Something is definitely not right.

Fake Religiosity Breeds Soullessness

I submit that what we have in Nigeria must be an abominable fake religiosity that is promoted and sustained by charlatans in ungodly robes. Everyone can see clearly that the fruits of truth and holiness – love, charity, compassion, kindness, etc. – are glaringly missing in Nigeria.

The unfortunate consequence for a nation that senselessly and ignorantly adopted the habit of faking spirituality and turning it into a goldmine for the so-called religious leaders in the society will definitely be the loss of the soul of the nation and of the individual citizen.

The habits of faking holiness have inadvertently set the basest moral and ethical standards for gullible nationals to emulate and to follow like sheep being led to the slaughter house.

A soulless culture has been built in Nigeria and has since been reproducing, in astronomical numbers, soulless communities of people.

A soulless people will sooner than later constitute themselves into a monstrous society where anything goes.

Such a monstrous society will harbour beastly ethical values and pernicious amoral behaviours and these will become the dominant cultural standard of a dog-eat-dog relationship. In short – a society of the living dead.

Sadly, Nigeria has become such a soulless society of the living dead. The people have since lost the knowledge of self and the consciousness of their true essence as divine beings. We have been deeply indoctrinated and brainwashed with fake education and fake religion to the extent that Nigerians have now imbibed the lowlife values of beasts in human clothing.

Nigerians now celebrate callousness and rejoice in wickedness. The most callous and cruel personalities in our midst are celebrated and honoured as long as the fella is swimming in liquid cash and doling it out to the numerous hangers-on. How the money was made is not a question anyone is keen or care to ask in Nigeria.

What is the answer to the predicament of violent and deadly antisocial behaviours of kidnappers who have no love or compassion for fellow human beings?

Individual Revaluation of Beliefs and Reorietation of Social Values

The youths of Nigeria, as a result of a toxic cultural milieu, have imbibed a ruinous mentality. They have cultivated the basest moral values that desire to make it at any cost because the society demands nothing but extreme material success from them.

First, Nigerians have to see and accept that we are the creators of the monsters now terrorising our societies; that all our moral and ethical beliefs are not fit for purpose; and that we need to remake ourselves individually from within after logically and rationally reviewing and throwing out all the stupid beliefs, values and cultures we presently hold dearly and religiously.

The above suggestions are the only path of truth that can set Nigerians free from both the visible kidnappers of our material bodies and the invisible kidnappers of our spiritual minds.

In The Spirit of Truth


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