A Reflection on the God Concept

The Gods have made the goods of sense common to all, But those of intellect only to the wise,

So the myths state the existence of Gods to all,

But who and what they are only to those who can understand. – Sallust

The Human Body and the God Concept

The single entity called human body is made up of an aggregate collection of more than 50 trillion autonomous microscopic conscious cells. It is the sum of the various individual conscious cells as well as the grouping together of some specific cells called organs intricately linked together that are collectively referred to as a human body.

Similarly and to the best of my humble understanding, the imagined mysterious entity that Homo sapiens called the creator God in various languages is the aggregate collection of every visible object we can perceive and every invisible object that our limited sense organs can’t perceive.

Therefore, I humbly submit that every tiny or humongous object both living and non-living and every known and unknown mystery in existence are what humankind have collectively and intuitively called God in different cultures and in many languages spoken on earth.

As it is rather impossible for a tiny microscopic cell in the kidney or lung or heart organ of the human body to understand fully the complex anatomical components and physiological operations of the whole human body, the same inscrutability of the meaning of life applies to any single microscopic person, when compared to the gigantic complex universe, to understand fully and comprehensively the God concept in its entirety.

An Age-long Misconception

In my humble and considered reasonable opinion, God can not be, as propounded by the three Abrahamic religions from the Middle East, an entity sitting on a ‘golden’ throne or whatever throne, who is surrounded by cherubim and seraphim, looking down on the earth people and collecting records of every misdemeanour by every human being on our planet for the purpose of awarding everlasting rewards or eternal punishments.

With a bit of intuitive and rigorous mental acuity, I don’t think we shall find any such God in the universe. I suspect this kind of concept of god is the creation of the puny mind of some over-ambitious, power loving and egomaniac Homo sapiens. The source of such perverse characterisation of God can be traced to the allegorical mythology found in the first book of the “Holy Bible”.

In the book of Genesis, it was recorded that God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,”. Borrowing from what we know about the psychology of human behaviours that have been scientifically studied, researched and analysed, we now know that the nature of mankind is characterised with an exceptional and creative imagination. And as a result of mankind’s ability to communicate with one another in words, the fabrication of fabulous and fantastical story becomes a peculiar phenomenon from an inbred nature of mankind.

By the nature of our creation, human brains/minds are capable of fabricating creative ideas, making up fabulous stories from nothing and utilising a well-endowed faculty of imagination to create believable works of fiction that could sometimes look very convincingly real to the uninitiated. The many allegorical stories strewn around in the holy books cannot be an exception to the rule.

Creating God in the Image of Man

Therefore, if we can draw inferences correctly from what we already know about the nature of mankind, the true rendition of that passage quoted above from Genesis in the “Holy Bible” ought to have read: ‘the self-appointed elders of the people or the powers-that-be at the time said to one another, “Let us create GOD in our image, in our likeness.”’

From the alleged recorded pronouncements and the acts compiled in the Bible about ‘the chosen people’, the created Abrahamic God of Genesis looks more like a human being than a divine being. This created god exhibits every example of the personality traits found in the megalomaniac Homo sapiens. This created imaginary being, according to what the writers of the history (fairytales) of the ancient Hebrew recorded in the holy books, is depicted as being imbued with all kinds of good and bad human traits: virtues, vices, mischief, benevolence, etc.

The Bible writers recorded many pronouncements and many acts of this God that showcased traits of anger, hate, jealousy, discrimination, and partisanship; traits that support war-mongering and that instigate wars; traits that encouraged blood-shedding, physical extermination of enemies, ethnic cleansing of strangers and other people, and despotism and intransigence of all kinds, etc.

Yet, this created god, a product of human imagination, is still associated with the capacity for great virtues and is capable of offering love, mercy and forgiveness. However, this rare benevolent side of God is reserved mainly for those the god has chosen as friends and with whom it has signed a contract that stipulate an unchangeable memorandum of understanding forever.

Mankind can and ought to see that every malevolent behaviour found in some Homo sapiens that can be categorised as lowlife people of our world, with no redeemable virtues, is recorded and portrayed among the personality profile of the Abrahamic god.

From the history of mankind, we can deduce that every despotic ruler that ever walked on planet earth seems to have borrowed and copied profusely from the rule book of the God of the Bible who we have stated was most probably created in the image of the lowlife types of mankind.

Again, when we look at the reporting style of the story in Genesis, it raises a lot of questions with respect to who was the reporter or recorder of the fabulous tale?

Was the reporter, a primary source who was an eyewitness and present at the occasion or was he/she a secondary hearsay witness?

Was the reporter retelling fairytales told by someone else or some alien (nonhuman) source from another world different from planet earth?

The categorical certainty of the rendition of the tale is very captivating but the question must still arise in the mind of a thinking Homo sapiens, Was the Genesis story a true story or just a symbolic, allegorical, fictional myth made up and brewed from the fertile imagination of some peculiar ancient Homo sapiens?

The Beginning of Life

The beginning of life and of mankind, definitely, must have happened in a period of timelessness, a period of no time that can only be conjectured by philosophers or awakened thinkers. We need to accept and to acknowledge that every tale told of the events that occurred at the time of creation can not be anything else than a hypothetical assumption, a speculative supposition, and a philosophical proposition with a myriad of possibilities and probabilities.

The hypothetical propositions and the philosophical suppositions about life that were made by our ancient forefathers are what in modern times we now call mythology. We must accept that the various myths developed by our ancient ancestors from different peoples and different cultures of the world were sincere attempts they made to answer the question, What is life?

Modern mankind have better advantages to review and to refashion all the inherited mythologies. We are fortunate to possess immeasurable archives of retrievable cumulative knowledge of many generations; and we have access to gadgets, instruments and technologies that can assist in the conduct of finer empirical investigations and better methods of scientific experimentations.

Hence, mankind have, so far, been able to refine the processes of formulating new rational hypothesis, new theoretical suppositions and new philosophical propositions to replace the old assumptions that have become archaic and are no longer acceptable in our serious search for answer to the question, What is life (God)?

From the time the diverse Holy Books were composed and written down on feeble stones, humanity has not stopped on the never-ending quest of investigating afresh the observable physical and the invisible spiritual realities of existence; humanity has continued to perform relevant experiments to confirm or to reject ancient fables and theories; and the brilliant human minds have not stopped to develop and to propose new philosophical arguments to support any newfound understanding on what is actually the Truth of Life/God.

Humanity, under the weight of new and persuasive discoveries, have been forced to jettison many of the old inherited knowledge that have served or entertained the curiosity of our ancestors. The reason for the rejection of the once upon a time ‘truth’ is obvious.

Inasmuch as mankind keeps making new discoveries in the realm of knowledge, so long shall we continue to find that the old knowledge is no longer satisfactory to give humanity an adequate and comprehensive answer to the new questions that our progressively evolving minds/brains are regularly churning out.

The dangers in the path of the few ever curious mankind who are eager to look for a better answer to the quest of life are the despotism: of the unyielding societal customs; of the established age long traditions; and of the jealously guarded ‘immutable’ cultures. The age-long cultivated traditions, mores, customs, taboos, and all forms of inherited heirlooms of biases and prejudices held by a community of people, are what can be collectively called the Religion of a society. And these religions could be very stubborn and impervious to reason and rational thought.

The ‘Immutability’ of Religion

Religion, at it’s most powerful stage of evolution in all societies, distrust any new thinking that has the potential to change the status quo of power relations.

In other words, the Powers-that-Be from every society on Earth are very sensitive to the foreboding possibility that a new way of looking and thinking about life would destabilise their privileged positions and authorities. They are therefore very eager to nip in the bud such trends of intellectual interest among their subjects; to sabotage all tendencies and moves that can lead to the review of all existing customs; to antagonise the revaluation of entrenched traditions; to refuse the discontinuation of popular but non beneficial beliefs; and to put up resistance to set the people free from all burdensome and retrogressive archaic values in the society.

It is customary for the reigning power in a time of societal rebirth and spiritual renaissance to shut down, by any means necessary, all those who are behind a new initiative that offers new “fancy thinking” and that promotes a new rational exposition to the question and nature of life.

The pragmatic steps of banning, of witch-hunting, of labelling as heresies, of excommunicating, of exiling, etc., of the new thinkers are forcefully and quickly taking as a preventative measure before the new ideas can take root in the society.

The clever despotic rulers are aware that such Zeitgeist – a new spirit of valuation – has the potential power to cause irreparable damages to the prevailing hegemony and the inherited powers and authorities that the psychopathic reigning powers have over the people.

Therefore, all the hullabaloo and accusations of treason, blasphemy, traitorous act, sedition, heresy, etc. slammed on any subject/citizen, in most of the cases, are all about curtailing such maverick and the uncompromising personages from influencing or contaminating others to see an alternative version of Truth or from considering another different perspective of the Truth of Existence.

Science as a NewAge Religion

In the eighteenth through the nineteen century, science became the new trend for finding and for breaking open the hidden Pandora Box of fear, of superstition and of ignorance that have left mankind blind, deaf, dumb and crippled mentally and spiritually.

The empirical mode of thinking and the scientific method of investigation became handy instruments for the conduct of experiments in order to confirm or to disprove the validity of old ‘truth’. The unprecedented results that were obtained from scientific experimentation and from collecting and collating new testable evidences succeeded in offering to the world new propositions and new hypothesis with which to challenge the futility of keeping the rigid old order intact and of doing things purely by the dictates of fear and superstition.

Unfortunately, The-Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Have-Been of our world have since risen mightily to the challenges of science and the scientific methods of life. They have succeeded in inducing with lucre and fame the hitherto objective standings of science. With money and fame, a large number of scientists have been held to ransom and have lost the fortitude to resist, as their scientific findings and research works are being commandeered by the State, to serve nefarious purposes.

The creative efforts of scientists and their illuminating discoveries are now being incorporated and directed not for the welfare of humanity but for the service of maintaining the political, economic and social interests of the Crown and the Deep State (aka the hidden political establishments) of the world.

Now, it is no longer uncommon to find that science is the latest approved religion in the world. Scientists that attempt to change anything from the established ‘truth’ and the prevailing thinking in their fields run the risk of being excommunicated from the scientific community as a heretic.

The old sacrilegious charges of blasphemy against god or the “word of god” that was used as powerful weapon to silence dissidents of religion and religious thought have now been modified and enlarged to encapsulate all maverick thinkers that have the temerity to challenge the established truth, power and interest in their field of studies and works.

As a result, all the promises and opportunities that science would have offered and could have afforded mankind to get to the bottom of the truth of existence, have since been aborted. The truth of science has also been circumvented and turned into a powerful weapon of mass control.

A current example is the ongoing global ‘plandemic’ that is despotically pronounced as facts without provable scientific evidences and that is now dictating inimical laws, which have to be obeyed without question, by all the occupants of Planet Earth.

Truncating Truth in the service of the Psychopaths

The above exposition is the truncated path that every branch of truth discovered by mankind has been forced to take. The initial potential of the truth to liberate mankind from ignorance has often been subverted by the psychopathic class of so-called leaders who have turned ‘the truncated truth’ into another tool or weapon for the mass enslavement of other fellow mankind.

In essence, what we are saying is that, to discover the truth of existence is to discover God. And since God, as mentioned above, stands for the entire collection of every manifestation that is found and can be found in the universe and of everything that our mind could ever imagined, it is therefore understandable that our tiny brain and our puny mind are far too small to comprehend fully, and in absolute term, the myriad possibilities of what the God concept really mean.

The best that mankind could do in the best of possible times, as we continue to search for the truth of existence, is to be humble about the particular minutiae of discovery of the concept and manifestation of God that any Homo sapiens has made. Whatever tentative discovery each of us is claiming to have found, we must be cautious not to claim or state that it is the full and final disclosure of the Truth of Existence/God.

Humanity must never neglect the salient fact and the irrefutable understanding that mankind is limited by inadequate instruments of measurement, by constrained methods of assessment, by fallible assumptions and principles of evaluation, by error-filled calculations of data, and by the prejudicial analysis that skewed the findings of researches.

All these aforementioned limitations would most likely support the pessimism of those who argue that mankind is not yet sufficiently equipped to profess an absolute conclusion on the full and final knowledge and understanding on the concept of God or the Truth of Existence.

Hence every thinking Homo sapiens is taught by experience, by learning and by reasoning to approach the concept of God with a humble disposition. When such serious thinkers are asked, What is the truth of Existence or of God? They are able to answer without shame, “I don’t know. I am still seeking and still searching for The Truth”.

However, we must be wary of anyone among the still crawling Homo sapiens, who is yet to learn how to walk on planet earth, but who comes out with all certainties and with all bells blaring as he shouts in our ears, ‘Eureka’, as if to say, I have found the truth.

Enlightened bystanders and listeners should be able to ask, with sincere tolerance and patience they can muster and with profound sympathy that they can offer to a delusional friend, What truth and which part of the Truth of Life/God have you found, dear?

In The Spirit of Truth


October 14, 2020