The Arewa Sharia States Have Separated From Nigeria

The Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) has consistently raised the concern and the alarm that the Arewa Sharia States in Nigeria, which adopted Sharia law as the legal code and state religion in their jurisdiction, have unilaterally separated themselves from Nigeria.

If this legal assertion is true, then there must necessarily be some dire consequences for peace and harmony in a country that was hitherto established on the republican principles and claiming the status of a secular state called Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This illegal and unconstitutional development is definitely an uncalled for constitutional quagmire. More so, when it is noticed that the members of the Arewa Sharia States are the group principally in control of the affairs of the federal administration of Nigeria. And so far, from the assessment of the activities of the Mohammadu Buhari’s administration since 2015, it is obvious to political observers and analysts that the federal government has been pursuing a macabre mission to destabilise and collapse the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Why is Nigeria on Fire?

Why is it then a mystery to anyone that the powers-that-be in Nigeria are pursuing inimical policies and programmes against the indigenous people who would eventually remain in the country at the end of the planned destabilisation?

Does anyone need rocket science intelligence to understand why the already departed members of the Arewa Sharia but who are still occupying high level governmental positions, are looting the treasury of Nigeria voraciously with reckless abandon?

Is it far fetched for any indigenous person to understand why Nigeria is being speedily bankrupted by the federal ministry of finance, that is more eager to borrow and spend money than to plan and execute meritocratic, scientific and knowledge-based programmes for creating national wealth and money for the rainy day?

Is it not clear to all the indigenous people of Nigeria why every dollar earned, by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), the Nigeria Customs Service, and other high revenue generating agencies in the country, is disappearing fast into the private and personal coffers of members/agents of the Sharia States in the federal government of Nigeria?

Why should it still be a mystery to the indigenous people of Nigeria that the humongous funds budgeted and released for the purchases of arms and ammunition for more than a decade-old-war against Boko Haram insurgency, are disappearing down the deep pockets of the Cabals in Aso Rock and in collusion with the prodigal sons heading the Defence Agencies and allied military establishments?

Should the indigenous people of Nigeria still be wondering, why the few arms and ammunition left in the armoury of the military by the past government were miraculously carted away by a ragtag Boko Haram insurgents, as soon as deliveries were made to the military cantonments?

With the insane speed with which the Buhari’s Fulani Government of Nigeria is borrowing money from every international Shylock around the world, is there any assurance left that the country hasn’t been completely sold off already to any heartless bidder at a giveaway price?

Is it beyond the pale to speculate that the Arewa Sharia States have purposefully planned to bankrupt the country, just in case their satanic project of taking over the country failed to materialise, before they disappeared into the desert with their plundered loots?

Connecting the Dots of the Infernal Fulani Agenda

What is happening in Nigeria seems to be making sense day by day to the political observers now. At least, it gives a tentative explanation for the reasons why Nigeria is deliberately being run to the ground and being set on fire.

As Nigeria stands today, the members of the Arewa ‘Sharialand’ seem to be telling the indigenous people of Nigeria, ‘We are done and We are leaving’. But before we go, we shall loot and plunder Nigeria. We are going to leave Nigeria in a beggarly economic situation so that the idea of independence for those that would remain will be impracticable.

Now, if all the above speculations are put into proper context and viewed from the right political perspective, it is clear as daylight that the Boko Haram insurgents, the Fulani militia, the Fulani Herdsmen and the Fulani bandits from the North of Nigeria, that are terrorising every community in Nigeria, are all coordinated as members of one team who are covertly working together in/for the sole interests of the Arewa Sharia States.

And what could be the cardinal objective of the Arewa Sharia States to have masterminded such a diabolical, widespread political, social and economic destabilisation of Nigeria?

In my humble opinion, if we can connect the dots of all the seemingly haphazard political, religio-cultural and economic events, it is very easy to draw a sane conclusion. Listening to and reading the comments and analysis of ‘Nigerians’, many people in the country have similarly sensed it and have mentioned it directly and indirectly, that the political game going on, must be the telltale signs of the insidious project of The Final Solution for the Fulanisation Agenda of Nigeria.

There is no longer any doubt about this infernal agenda. Although, since most people never really understood the depth of evil in the nature and the extreme nepotistic inclinations of the Fulani cultures, it would be very difficult to believe that any sane ethnic group, who have not totally gone insane and who still have all the brain neurones functioning correctly, would ever planned or dared to embark on such a macabre and suicidal political endeavour.

Terrorism as Weapon of Conquest

But this is exactly what our supposedly Fellow Nigerians and compatriots have been doing. For six godless years and still counting, the powers-that-be in the Arewa Sharia States set up a covert political program to terrorise the indigenous people of Nigeria without exception. They set upon us a ragtag, uncultured, barbaric gangs of hoodlums from among their ethnic group to maim, rape, kill, murder, and massacre the innocent, armless and defenceless indigenous people of the country.

And for goodness sake, we asked, what is our offence? What have the indigenous people of the country done to warrant the merciless and inhumane atrocities perpetrated against us?

The indigenous people of Nigeria who were minding their own businesses peacefully on the land inherited from their ancestors are being forcefully invaded under disguise, subterfuge and terror of cattle herding and herdsmen. Then we found that our farms and properties are being plundered and ravaged; our farmers are being maimed, slaughtered and killed; and our wives and daughters are being raped and debauched. And in spite of all these sacrilegious events going on, no law enforcement agencies are offering protection or defending the harmless innocent and law abiding ‘citizens’.

The indigenous people of Nigeria have done nothing wrong to offend the sensibilities of the Fulani nation other than that the Fulani ethnic group decided, in their evil conclaves and as a forsworn duty to their ancestral gods of evil, to ethnically cleanse the indigenous people of Nigeria out of their fatherlands.

And the Fulani nation seems determined to take, rename and transfer the lands and properties of the indigenous people of Nigeria, as booty of terrorism, to the ethnic members of the planned expansion of the Fulani Caliphate earmarked to cover most of the West Africa nations.

This is the long and short story behind the suffering, hardship and the total collapse of the Nigeria state that is happening right in our lifetime. It is unfortunate that the world is watching Nigeria as it is going up in flames. It is as if the whole world along with the indigenous people of Nigeria have been put under the effect of a hypnotic spell.

We must cast off the power of this evil spell forthwith. We need to open our eyes to see and to understand the nefarious, outrageous activities of the Fulani nation that are going on around us and which are about to completely surround, asphyxiate and annihilate the indigenous people of Nigeria.

The indigenous people of Nigeria must WAKE UP NOW! AND FIGHT FOR YOUR LIBERATION!

No one is coming to rescue the indigenous people of Nigeria from the mass slaughter that the Fulani Ethnic nation has scheduled for you. It is going to happen soon unless you can arouse yourselves from slumber NOW. You need to smell the evil bloodshed already laid out for you and it is almost too late.

We can stop the evil Agenda from reaching its final destination of total ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of Nigeria. It is still possible to stop the agenda, if only we can become receptive and can graciously heed the cautious warnings on offer from the awakened ones amongst you;

If only we can open our ears to let the alarm bells that are ringing out louder and louder all around us to arouse your immediate attention and let it lead you to a state of preparedness in order to face the barbaric marauders baying for your blood.

My final word to the indigenous people of Nigeria and before the red curtain of bloodshed is finally drawn to cover the planned atrocities, is:


In the Spirit of Truth