Catch Up

Fourteen years ago, SAM ABBD ISRAEL was very active as a freelance writer and commentator on the internet. I was forced to stop sharing my thoughts by circumstances that could not then be identified in words but can now be subsumed under the term burnt out.

The global events of 2001 that started with the 9-11 episode and the ensuing developments that led to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was too much for me to handle. To see the grand deception at the highest level of governments and the supportive role of the embedded mass media in disseminating lies and propaganda to the world was too much for my fragile soul to take. To see the gallant effort of the few enlightened souls that understand the great deceit going on and their powerlessness to stop the already planned on-coming disaster, took away my confidence in the ability of mankind to save itself from self destruction.

This destructive spirit is still very much alive as we move into 2017. Rather than abate, the wars have expanded to many other theatres of the world. It is obvious that the hidden hands in our world have a strategic game plan. The question is,  What could be the strategic goal of a calculated and planned massive chaos in all sectors of life that the world have witnessed this past 14 years?

Careful observers of patterns, particularly, of the ebb and flow of world history and brilliant analysts have connected the dots and have speculated that the Powers-That-Be are gunning for a New World Order alias World Government. It seems, the analyst opined, that the hidden powers have a short-time frame to execute this World Government plan. Therefore, the reckless and unbridled onslaught by covert and overt wars to demolish all things (nations, states, institutions, ideas etc.) that we presently called life and civilisation in order to bring down the Old World Order as quickly as possible, can be understood.

Well, that is a scary stuff but let us leave that for now.

As I was saying in the opening paragraph, what happened in New York City on 9 September, 2001 as the WTC twin towers and building 7 came down and the ensuing propaganda to persuade the world to accept the lies of how and why it happened, changed the direction of my life entirely. That event literally took my breath away, it took away my passion to participate with other well meaning folks in reshaping our world through ideas. I withdrew into a shell and created a cosy world for myself where the obvious brainwashing programmes by the mass media won’t touch me. I resisted to partake in the consumption of the 24/7 reportage on war, death, pain and callous destruction that enveloped (and still enveloping) the world. I saw it as a major weapon of the hidden government-in-waiting to pollute the mind and soul of the mass of mankind in order to accept these events as a natural occurrence needed for our well being.

Hitherto, I was motivated to write in other to share knowledge of important discoveries in the journey of life that will help other pilgrims to navigate with less difficulties the many natural and man-made hurdles on our path to glory. I had confidence that our world can be rescued from the imminent path of destruction we were following. I was wrong. My premises and assumptions of what life means was faulty.

Now, I think I know and understand differently. Our world, planet earth and its inhabitants cannot be rescued from its assigned natural destiny. Life and death or living and dying are bedfellows. But each individual that refused to suspend the gift of common sense, bestowed by the creator of life, has the power to choose how to live and possibly how to die.

In the forthcoming days, weeks and months, I hope the creator and giver of life will resuscitate me fully with ample nourishment of the bread of spiritual consciousness to enable me share with friends and enemies the essential truth of life that can, hopefully, lead each of us to freedom.

In The Spirit of Truth