Happy New Year

It is customary in our world of illusion to wish ourselves a happy new year, even though, there is nothing like time in the real cosmic sense. Time, delineated in years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds, is a creation of the ever resourceful imaginative brain of man.

By using our senses of perception, our heartbeats, the movement of the sun and the moon, and the position of the stars as reference points, mankind have managed to demarcate periods and moments of life on earth. Now, by the Gregorian calendar, it is two thousand and seventeen years since the Birth of Christ (or before the Common Era) (CE).

So, dear friend, as a member of the Earth Family, I wish you a happy new year.

Together, let us give praises to the creator of life for keeping us safe through the perils of nature and from the unrelenting wickedness of man to man this past year. Particularly, for saving us from the hateful policies and programmes of our governments and those in high places of authority of our world that were designed and sustained for our perpetual enslavement and suffering.

In 2017, my wish for you are, that you will have a spiritual breakthrough in consciousness; that your eagerness to seek spiritual prosperity will outweigh your desire for material prosperity; that your spiritual blindness, which prevents you from seeing all the ‘inspired’ lies, from the father of great lies and his children, that hamstring us from enjoying the divine pleasure of freedom, will be cured; and that the spirit of truth shall lead us to know the truth of the meaning of life, which can truly set us free indeed from the killer bondage of ignorance.

Have a blessed and a spiritually fulfilled year.

In The Spirit Of Truth