The Impact of Extreme Religiosity in Africa : Abnormal High Prevalence of Mass Hysteria/Psychosis

It is too bewildering for any observer of African societies to figure out the causes of the deluge of religious fervour in Nigeria and in every other African country/community. Frequent users of Facebook Page, where Nigerians/Africans congregate and socialise in large numbers, can easily testify to the overwhelming number of churches, mosques, sects, cults, Pastors, Prophets, Prophetesses, General overseers, Bishops, Archbishops, Sheiks, Imams, Alfas, Marabouts, Dibias, Babalawos, Iyalawos, etc., that feature everyday to sell or to propagate one religious ware or other ‘spiritual’ accoutrement.

Among such Religious Wares regularly found on display are: custom-made instant prayers, prophetic predictions, oracular divinations, blessings, curses, decrees, etc., for fabulous prosperity, for exceptional abundant riches of gold and lucre, for miraculous wealth without collateral effort or labour, for unearned honour without commensurate achievement, and for everything else under the sun that the vain human mind can imagine.

Fellow Africans, what is really going on?

Who/What cast a ‘spell’ of disorientation of the mind on Africans? and

How did the ‘spell’ of mass delusion come over the entire African race?”

Where is the common sense in all these stupid activities that are going on in the name of your special gods?

Which god in the universe is waiting, listening, cataloguing, arranging and prioritising all the myriad requests you are sending to it 24/7 and at every micro-mini- or nano-second of the day?

The Need to Activate Rational Thinking

African Folks! Come, let us reason together as we think about this important religious matter that seems to have become more of mental, spiritual and developmental handicaps than blessings to Africans.

The fundamental thesis of popular Religious Ideology says, there is only one universal god. And this ‘Monogod’ is said to be the creator of everything in our universe.

Now let us reason about this together. This one omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient god is expected to listen into every prayer request, every conversation, every thought, every good deed, every misdemeanour, and just everything that are taking place in the lives of the seven billion plus mankind on earth.

Can anyone really envision, really imagine, and really grasp the enormity of the possibility that this supernatural scenario is really what is happening and has been happening to the entire people on planet earth?

Fellow Africans, let us use our reasoning faculties together. The material of the white and grey matters placed between the two ears of mankind are not for decoration or for other ornamental purposes. They are there as invaluable resource tool and providential asset for everything that humankind will ever need on the onerous life-journey on planet earth.

Can Africans start to use them? The unprecedented level of stupidity, ignorance and negligence (SIN) of Africans, up and down the whole of the continent of Africa, is glaringly obvious. It seems Africans have been comprehensively conquered mentally and are being physically trodden underfoot because of the imbibed incomprehensible religious ideologies, doctrines and dogmas. The present pathetic state of Africans, in every sector of human development, can be seen by everyone else in the world except the Africans themselves.

Need to Stop Religion Induced Mass Hysteria and Psychosis in Africa

It is high time Africans called a stop to the continental mass hysteria and psychosis. There is no other weapon holding Africans back and holding Africans down than the physically invisible but powerful poisonous psychological ‘drugs’ brewed from the incomprehensible religious ideas that are doing the rounds in every family, every community, every society, and every nation of Africa. The potent ideologically-laden, poisonous drugs have sent the entire African indigenous people into a delirious and comatose state in the Slumberland of the world. Africans have become the truly walking Zombies amongst the human races of the world.

Yet, majority of the Africans cannot see it, cannot understand it, cannot comprehend it and cannot unravel the mystery of the inappropriateness of the poor state of the peoples of African origin in comparison with other human races of the world.

Africans are behaving as if, the religious ideologies, dogmas, and mythologies they are rigidly holding on to and that is unfortunately holding them back and holding them down from developing progressively in the twenty-first century world, is a new phenomenon or new discovery.

Rather than Africans to see the religious ideologies and the ensuing conditioned behavioural/emotional fervour for what they are — Weapon of Mind Destruction/Enslavement (WMD/E) — instead, Africans are taking these poisonous ideologies as a gifted favour and as generous blessings from the ‘Monogod’ of the universe. Incredulously, there is the irrational notion commonly held among Africans that the god of the universe loves Africans more specially and more exceptionally than any of the other human races on earth.

A religiously brainwashed and fanatically indoctrinated African person would rather spend two thirds of his/her waking hours in joyful ecstasy of singing, dancing and worshipping the gods while foolishly neglecting to devote ample time and energy to life-enhancing activities and to life-fulfilling productive engagements.

Every intelligent activity that is relevant to the improvement of the quality of the physical life of a person on earth is woefully abandoned and sidestepped for more prayer time with ‘the lord’ and more fasting without repentance to BRIBE ‘the lord’ for more ‘breakthrough’ prosperity and more eye-popping blessings of material wealth never for spiritual wealth.

A Wake Up Alarm

Fellow Africans, it will be unforgivable for every African that knows and understands the nature of the political game being played with the minds of fellow Africans to refuse, as a moral and obligatory duty, to alert fellow lost brethren about the truth of the causes of their human wretchedness.

Particularly, at this late hour to Doomsday, it will be the most irresponsible, the most unconscionable and the most callous thing that any member of a race can do to his/her fellow racial brethren by withholding the truth that can ensure the possibility of their mental liberation and spiritual freedom.

Therefore, the entire African race, must be told in unmistakable language that Africans are a LOST PEOPLE on the sea of life. And that Africans have totally lost their divine minds, sights, hearings, voices and mobility, hence the inability to find a pleasant shore to lay down their weary bodies, minds and souls.

• That Africans are being tossed about listlessly through the storms of life because their spiritual anchors and mental rudders have been covertly taken away from them.

• That Africans are now paddling their canoes and ships with make-believe anchors and counterfeit rudders that are not good or fit enough to stabilise and to move their boats/ships safely in the deadly billowing storms of life.

• That Africans need to wake up from their deliberately induced slumber.

• That Africans have foolishly sleepwalked into the mental trap of the gloom and doom world deliberately set down for them by those who planned and have succeeded to enslave their minds for purely selfish interest.

• That Africans need to wake up fast and quickly too in order to acknowledge the unpalatable fact that they are sinking into a deep swamp at a really unpleasant place where no sane human being should ever be found.

• That nobody or messiah or mahdi or angel is coming down with a rocket ship to take Africans away, from the manmade swamps without expending personal efforts and inputs, to any heavenly prepared home anywhere in the universe.

• That only Africans by themselves and on their own volition must figure out their way out of the physically unappealing hovels of a home and the despicable spiritual swamp they are presently confined.

• That Africans must have to use the endowed brain power, brawn power, instinct, intelligence and intuition that are freely gifted to every human being on earth to the best of their abilities and capabilities to get themselves out of the present continental, racial and spiritual mess.

But first and foremost, Africans need to wake up. Africans need to use the common sense that is gifted to every humankind by nature to see themselves as exactly as the world is seeing them and to recognise the unappealing physical, political, social and spiritual state of their existence. Africans need to really acknowledge how poorly we are looking and to feel from the deepest gut of our being, the degrading extent to which Africans have been physically and psychologically roughened up.

The Pathetic Existential State of Africans in the World

Frankly speaking and as brethren to brethren, Africans are not looking good at all. The whole world can see it but it is only fellow Africans who have failed to see themselves in the light of common sense after a profound, objective, and rational assessment of the deadly existential situations of our collective beings.

However, the easily recognisable tragic state of the wretched affairs that befell Africans are not wholly the sole fault of Africans. This is the cumulative effects and results of the scientific power of the prolonged psychosocial hypnosis, special mental programming, meticulous mind indoctrination, and deliberate perceptual conditioning, misdirection, miseducation and psychological manipulation of African consciousness.

Regardless of how it was done, who did it and why it was done, these important inquiries are not of immediate relevance. The immediate concerns for all intelligent Africans today is to WAKE UP NOW.

Africans need to wake up quick.

If any African can hear me and can comprehend the above solemn and sober words and the urgent responses expected of you, it means you are slowly but gradually coming out of your intergenerational deep slumber.

Keep the tempo up. Keep focus for now and put all your efforts to the important task of getting yourself to the fully wakeful state. As soon as you are fully awakened, you will know what to do.

You will know how to clean yourself up, how to freshen yourself up, how to redeem your mental and spiritual composure and how to regain and to be your true self once again.


In The Spirit of Truth



Psychosis is when people lose some contact with reality. This might involve seeing or hearing things that other people cannot see or hear (hallucinations) and believing things that are not actually true (delusions).”

Hysteria is a term used to describe emotional excess, but it was also once a common medical diagnosis. In layman’s terms, hysteria is often used to describe emotionally charged behavior that seems excessive and out of control.”