The Phantom Countries of Africa

I am always surprised that up till now, Nigerian/African experts have failed to accept that the colonial economic/geographic enclaves created all over Africa and misnamed as countries are geographical phantoms and clever deceptions fabricated by the fertile imagination of Europeans to trick the ignorant Africans.

I found it greatly inexcusable that after African/Nigerian experts have had an informed exposure (I am assuming) to the history of the Berlin Conference of 1884 that led to the partitioning of Africa into the present phantom countries; and have observed at first hand the thinking and culture of those behind the creation of African countries, that African/Nigerian experts can still get themselves embroiled in puerile arguments on how to maintain these fictitious countries and on how to keep them going not for the well-being of Africans but for the benefits of the foreign European owners.

It is difficult to express what one thinks about this level of irresponsibility or abject ignorance that are being exhibited by Nigerian/African experts.

Can the African/Nigerian experts of political economy not see that Africa, and Nigeria in particular, are going nowhere as long as the status quo of the political and economic structures of the phantom European created enclaves or reservations or Internally Displaced Persons’ Colonies (aka countries) remain undisturbed, unmodified or unchanged?

Can the African/Nigerian economic experts not see that the neocolonial enclaves/reservations (countries) are designed to fail from the onset because of the embedded tribal and ethnic booby-traps that are enhancing the operation of the neo-colonial governments under a divide and rule stratagem?

Can’t the African/Nigerian economic experts see and understand that these covert political economic arrangements as per the design have ensured that no intelligent African/Nigerian is allowed into the top echelons of these countries except those who have been compromised and blackmailed?

In my humble opinion, when I see African/Nigerian experts who were educated (trained!) in highbrow western institutions getting involved in ‘intellectual’ brawls and tearing themselves apart in the analysis of fictitious economic paradigms in countries that are carved out haphazardly all over Africa, it depresses me to no end. Because it is a share waste of time, energy and human intellect.

It is very shameful and tragic to see that African/Nigerian experts are still joyfully rendering the humiliating service of maintaining the status quo of these African so-called countries for the benefit of the foreign creators and economic owners of Africa.

Yet these African/Nigerian experts are convinced with a very high opinion that through their intellectual and professional efforts, Africa/Nigeria shall soon be great, shall soon be modernised and shall soon become developed countries. This is one of the phantom dreams sold to these gullible experts of Africa/Nigeria.

Painfully, the joke is on Nigerians/Africans because the deception is working. And it will continue to work unless Nigerians/Africans can wake themselves up from the spell of the deliberate indoctrination cast over them through the powerful psychological programme of calculated brainwashing, misinformation and misdirection sold to Africans/Nigerians as education and religious beliefs.

In the Spirit of Truth